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Bed and Breakfast in the Vinci countryside



The accomodation area has been created through the careful and specialised restoration of a part of the farmhouse and is composed of a common lounge and kitchen and 5 bedrooms of which three have double beds and two twin beds, all provided with their own bathroom with shower..

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The entire building has been, elegantly restored with painstaking attention to detail, the products used for the treatment of the interiors and for furnishings are exclusively environment-friendly, rooms have their own indipendent heating and "bio swich" to eliminate magnetic fields once the voltage has been turned off. Each room is a different colour and has futon mattresses. Everyting at Tassinaia has been designed and made to offer guests the maximum comfort and to meet their specific needs.

TASSINAIA Bed and Breakfast di Ciani Marco
Via di Petroio, 15 - 50059 VINCI (Florence) Tuscany Italy - VAT 05007190480
For information: Mr. Marco Ciani - Tel. +39 0571 583985 - Mobile: +39 347 8273962 - E-mail: info@tassinaia.it

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